Ok Ok what the heck is 1% percent listing?

Simple – we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for listing your property.  If you sold a house before, you will see how expensive it is to sell. We discount the fee but not the services. How is this possible? what’s the catch?

I believe in choices and option. I want to give my client the permission to select and make a decision that is best for their situation.

Here are the core basic services that come with almost every real estate agent as you already know. In the realtors world, we call this the basic 5.

• Price Opinion
• Yard Sign
• Lock Box
• MLS advertisement
• Scheduling appointments

I personally know that lots of Realtor are charging a full 3% for just doing the basic 5. That’s really wrong in my opinion. I can do those with just 1%

This is the additional line of product that I am bringing on to the brokerage client that needs full brokerage services to be able to sell their property for top dollar.

• Professional Photography (drive traffic to your house)
• Light Staging services (enhance home’s appeal)
• Pre-inspection report (put us in a better negotiation position)
• Managing Property make ready services
• Sent out Just listed postcards to 150 of your closest neighbor or more (Maximum exposure)
• 2 Month of Property Boost to specific demographic on Facebook (Maximum exposure)
• Open Houses hosting on the 1st two weekends of market listing (Maximum exposure)
• Full-Time transaction coordinator to help the client on schedule.


I believe in choice and option. I believe in Financial Freedom and I invite you to believe it with me. We can achieve a better result and extraordinary goal altogether.