How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?

The Rich Idiot

This is actually the 1st book about wealth that I ever read even before Rich Dad Poor Dad. The story ignites my desire to be wealthy.  Somehow, I used to believe that you have to be academically smart to be wealthy. That is the biggest lie that was planted in almost every child head.

I always thought that getting wealthy it going to be complicated. You have to be smart, High IQ, came from a family with high background, etc.. Since I am never the brightest kids in school, the thought of being Rich and Wealthy do not even come to my mind until I read this book. Then I realize this wonderful fact:

You don’t have to be smart to get rich. In fact, according to the author, Lot of rich people are actually not so smart.

The book opened up the reader with a classical question: “ how do you put an elephant into the fridge?”

Most smart people will over analyzing the questions and came up with creative solution on how to fit an elephant into the fridge

The not so smart one simply opens up a refrigerator and put it in. I hope you get the point here.

When it came to real estate brokerage, there is two type of agents. The smart one will keep working at Taco Bell part time and want to figure out everything before doing his or her 1st transaction. The other not so smart one will simply dive right into the water and start looking for the 1st deal. By the time the Taco Bell person finished studying, the other agent already closed the deal and make $5000 in commission.

Which agents do you think will be more motivated to continue in their career?

Same thing when it came to investment, I tend to notice that people that often have degree falling off their wall with all sort of certification will never take any action, while the person with nothing to lose often made it to the finish line.

Don’t become too smart to not do something.


In the picture: The Yin and Yang stone garden in Kyoto, Japan – April 2017

My conversation with Barbara Corcoran

I was fortunate to have a chance to speak with the mogul in our real estate industry, Barbara Corcoran. I asked her a question about the future of real estate brokerage. Below is the response she shared with me on the stage and i want to share it with you. Do you agree or disagree with Barbara?

Thanks to my wife. we were able to capture this moment on the video as well!

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Quick post on refocus: Looking for $$ or Solving for problem?

As your businesses and investment’s portfolio are expanding. Often people forget who they are and what kind of problem they originally set out to solve for. I often see this scenarios when the math for cash flow become tight. When the pressure is on and you are waiting for that paycheck simply to pay the bill and survive through the next month, this is where focus starts to loose ground. Your mind eventually gets shift from the original problem to simply looking for money. This is when a Jedi started failing into the dark side Continue reading “Quick post on refocus: Looking for $$ or Solving for problem?”

Screw Happiness – I am in pursuit of Greatness


Recent Wimbledon Championship slogan inspired to get back on my feet and start to get back on my dream again. Their slogan is

“In Pursuit of Greatness”

At one point in life, have you ever had a person telling you something to the extend of: ” Oh, money is not important you know”, or ” I rather be happy than be rich”, or “Money is the root of all evil”, or ” There is a lot of other stuff than money you know” Continue reading “Screw Happiness – I am in pursuit of Greatness”

18.5 point that set apart Success and Failure

Picked up a different read this time for my miracle morning and the 1st few pages are already interesting. This is the “Little Red Book Of Selling” and it has a “few” core principles below to distinct between failure and success. I will name it all it all here. You let me know which one is your favorite:

  1. Believe you can – If u don’t believe in yourself then nobody does. I repeat, nobody
  2. Create the environment
  3. Have the right association – you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with – T- Harv
  4. Expose yourself to what’s new – Another way to look at this is trying to get into new problem. If you face with the same old problem every day then you are not growing. go out there and bring home new problem
  5. Plan for the day
  6. Become Valuable – Dont’ be selfish, help out other people please
  7. Have the answer your prospects and customers need (people don’t want fact. they want answer). To master this, you must have superior knowledge of what you do and be able to explain this to other
  8. Recognize the Opportunity. If you haven’t watch the movie Big Short yet, please do. that’s all about recognize the opportunity
  9. Take advantage of the opportunity. Well, obviously, Do something, don’t just watch
  10. Take Responsibility – even if it’s not your fault
  11. Take Action – just do it
  12. Make Mistakes – The best teacher is failure
  13. Willing to risk
  14. Keep your eyes on the prize
  15. Balance yourself between Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. Sometime you can go intentionally off balance to achieve great result but remember to swing back
  16. Invest, don’t spend
  17. Stick  at it until you win
  18. Develop and maintain and a positive Attitude

And Finally my favorite point. I don’t know why the author don’t make it point 19, but rather 18.5

“18.5 IGNORE IDIOTS AND ZEALOTS. Also known as Pukers, these people will try to rain on your parade (discourage you) because they have no parade of their own. Avoid them at all costs.”

Which one is your favorite point?



Create your own Alphabet

A topic from my journal this morning. pretty cool so i will share it here

Topic:write down 26 letters of the alphabet, one letter on each line down the page. Then go back to A and write down the first word start with A that come to your mind. Do the same for the rest of the letters in the alphabet


























Sit down with your partner/significant order and create your own alphabet. i am sure it will have a positive impact on your life.



Share your knowledge, share your success

Yesterday I had an opportunity to share one of the book that i love: The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind . For the past few years, I thought i am the only weirdo that read this kind of book and do this awkward declaration every morning and night. But yesterday proved that i was wrong. I have a very good crowd that really get what i am trying to communicate. And the best thing ever, we did affirmation together. For me that is uber powerful.

Getting wealthy  no longer a myth. It is becoming real.

Below are the 3 points that i love the most from the book:

  • The rich choose both happy and wealthy. the poor and the middle class was sold the idea that “I rather be happy than wealthy” and pick either or. Remember the rich choose both while everybody else choose one and not the other. No body forced you to pick one. u can pick BOTH!
  • Financial Blue print. It doesn’t matter how much money u make. if your blue print is set to “poor” mode. you will never be rich. One example is lottery winner. they will eventually came back to where they started simply because they don’t have the right blue print. Change your blue print, change your life\
  • Affirmation: I know it’s not cool and probably the people in the house will be like “WTF” when you are yelling out your affirmation in the bathroom every morning. but hey, look at Novak, look at all the rich and successful people in the world. What are they doing every morning? If they do affirmation. may be you should too. Remember your subconscious mind is 10 times more power than your conscious mind and you have to learn how to direct it. Affirmation is one effective way of doing it

Be good, be great, be extraordinary and live the life that you are capable of living..

( The picture is just a random picture from my 1st track day. Remind myself need to get back to it)





two type of freedom

I personally love travel for this simply one reason.Every single time i came back from my trip, i appreciate what i currently have and what’s around me a lot more, and continue to strive for more. I would like to discuss the two most basic type of freedom. Financial free, and location free. Like T Harv said. The poor typically pick one, the rich choose both. I want both. I want to have both: Financial Free and Location Free. What’s wrong with that?

No Thing!

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